Neilson Marketing has achieved new ways of providing solutions to support our clients’ sales and marketing efforts. As technological changes have left many agents, MGAs, carriers, and vendors lost on what to do, we have not wasted time in figuring out how best to get them involved in the digital space.

Online insurance activity is at an all time high, though many suspect that it’s relegated to personal lines and small commercial lines.  

They’re right … for now.

We also understand how the insurance industry is dynamic in terms of market shifts, although this soft market has been somewhat persistent.  So, how do you leverage technology to generate leads in a soft market with declining profits?  How do you build a customer count as you prepare for the next hard market?

To go without digital marketing tools puts you in a disadvantage when it comes to gaining new leads in a soft market. To respond to this, we have created a digital marketing system that will provide horsepower to your marketing initiatives at a low cost.

AT 2.0, our digital marketing software, offers:

  • Leads Management
    • Activity & Follow Up Reminders
    • 12 Month Graphical Retrospective of Web Submissions
    • Most Recent Web Lead Submission Details
    • 90 Day Organic Visitor Data
    • Weekly Keyword Ranking Tracking
    • Recent Phone Calls Archive with Listen & Replay Options
    • 12 Month Graphical Retrospective of Web Calls
  • Drip Marketing
    • Drip Email System that is easy to use and catered to your marketing needs.
  • Self-Marketing Tools
    • Grow : Social Marketing Tool.
      • Grow manages your visibility, outreach, and reputation across various social media platforms, and it allows you to distribute your content in a click button.

Agency Tsunami by Neilson Marketing Services offers an integrated digital marketing system that will help take your marketing efforts to the next level. What are you waiting for? Connect with us today at or call us at (800)736-9741.

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The term content strategy became a part of the marketing lexicon in 2009. In those days, the concept was novel, yet vague. Now, in 2016, we have grown so accustomed to the deluge of information and content that it is difficult to remember when the term was little heard and rarely understood. The Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.”

Instant, quality content is the future of marketing. The marketing materials that you use,  be it podcasts, videos, or blog posts, are crucial for engaging with customers. In order to attract more business through your content, the following must be in sync for it to work:

  • SEO:  Search engines such as Google and Bing reward businesses that consistently publish quality content.
  • Social Media: Content marketing on social platforms can foster engagement and expand your reach, improve communication between businesses and consumers, and establish your brand as an authoritative voice.
  • Website Design: Having a dynamic, responsive website is crucial to content distribution. Technology is steadily intermixing with our mobile-lifestyles, making the consumption of content instant and habitual. If your website is not adaptive or responsive, this could hurt your overall ranking on various search engines.

As you seek to incorporate these digital tools into your business strategy, keep in mind that specific platforms are also changing. It is vital for you to keep up to date on where and when to share your blog post. Keeping the following in mind:

  1. Time and Frequency of Post

What is the sweet spot for social media posts? How do you find this out? Trial and error. Only way to do it is to try several different times a day.

Keep in mind that every industry is different. Consider your starting point from informed guesses, and then track the data. This will help determine what your audience responds to.

  1. The Function and Look of Your Content

How your content is laid out, from an aesthetic and functional point of view, informs visitors on your brand. Everything from call-to-action form to a responsive design will help generate leads or conversions through an intuitive process.

  1. The Incentive of Your Content

What incentive do visitors have for reading your blogs or listening to your podcast? When a visitor comes on to your website, do they find what they are looking for? There are many ways to incentivize your audience for long-term loyalty. By offering discounts, free webinars or free books, you can foster brand loyalty with your customers. Don’t just focus on the bottom-line- focus on creating sustained brand loyalty through your content.

Agency Tsunami has over 20 years of experience building, managing and delivering quality marketing media and excellent customer care. We offer a fully integrated marketing strategy customized for you that incorporates an effective online user experience designed to convert leads and position you ahead of the competition. We implement robust and ethical SEO practices to drive relevant traffic and leverage the way businesses and consumers 

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In the digital world, we have witnessed a Content Boom take place throughout the last decade. Vlogs, podcasts, and content articles are among the few examples of what many businesses today are using to reach their audience. Among the many different emerging tools available, there are four primary ones that help drive traffic to your website: blogging, social media, e-mail newsletter, and SEO. To begin our new blogging series Driving Traffic, we will be taking a look at how blogging can help benefit your business.

Blogs turn your website into a place where visitors come back to find new content.  According to an article on AdPushup, 80% of daily blog traffic consists of new visitors. This means that 8 out of 10 website visitors are landing on a site for the first time through a blog post. Without new content, your website is no different than a business card, contributing little value to your brand.

So, what are the benefits of blogging? How does releasing content benefit a company? Here are two ways blogging benefits your website:

Establishes your Authority in your Industry

Having an authoritative voice in your industry, to some, might seem like a weak metric for financial success. After all, people buy results, not features.  However, the most successful blogs answer common questions their leads or customers have. Think about how a blog post can be used as a sales tool. For example, if a lead finds an answer to their question through a blog post written by your agency, they’re likely to come into the process trusting what you have to say.

The aim of a blog post is to create two things: desire and trust.  Not only does a blog post give you an opportunity to expand your brand, but it helps build trust between you and your leads. Without those two ingredients, you will not see a return on investment. Blogs allow you to create opportunities to establish yourself as an expert in your field, allowing you to share industry-related insights.

Improves Search Engine Traffic

When a blog post gets distributed, it becomes one more indexed page on your site. In other words, it becomes one more opportunity for your site to show up on search engines through organic searches. Keep in mind that search engines deliver your content to interested users. Publishing quality content means you’re providing content worth linking to and sharing. In turn, this helps search engines recognize the value of your site, which in turn helps improve your ranking.

At Agency Tsunami, we turn your website into a lead-generator. Our team will construct the SEO foundation your firm needs to successfully maximize your brand’s online presence and support your strategy to increase your book of business and expand your footprint in niche markets by driving traffic to your site. Intrigued? Let’s talk. See why Agents, MGAs, and Insurers love Agency Tsunami.

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