3 Secrets that turn Content into Links


1. You have to give it away to get itKey

If you aren’t giving away what used to be considered “trade secrets” then you probably haven’t reached the give-it-away-to-get-it threshold. For example one of things we are known for in the insurance industry is telemarketing. Most people in the industry already know that we offer telemarketing services, so telling them what great telemarketing experts we are is far less effective than telling them so of the insider secrets we have learned from years of experience. for example they may not know the turnover rate in a call center, or the average salary of an outbound telemarketing agent. By giving away in depth knowledge and experience I can establish credibility, position myself as an expert and have a much better chance of my article being read and shared more widely.


2. Be Bold and Grab Their Attention!

Write an attention grabbing headline that would appeal to you. The first step to getting someone to read your blog is getting them to click on the link. Think of it terms of getting one bite at the apple. Here are a few tried and proven tactics that work pretty well. Lists are good because people like to scan rather than set aside the time to read an entire article. The third example caught my eye. It’s about better health coverage through Obama Care. I had no idea what the blog was about but the words forced and good in the same title caught my eye.

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Forced insurance means good coverage

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Other tactics include using “how to”, or the “secret to”, or “agent’s guide to”.  I’m sure you get the idea. 


3. Quality, Value, Relevance

articlesLinks are still the lifeblood of search engine rankings. But the old thinking of links for links sake is shifting to one of links as a result of providing value. In other words focusing on how an article, or blog brings value to your reader. Your link building success will be the direct result of  high value content. If your writing goal is to pass some imaginary quality threshold in order to appease Google, then you are probably still in link building mode rather then adding value mode. Put all thoughts of links aside for a minute and think about what you can write that is relevant, valuable, and unique that will add long lasting value to the community.

. Please let me know if this blog passes the test. Was the information high quality, valuable and relevant?