Avoiding Content Marketing Mistakes

Avoiding Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing has become a universal term among businesses, with more industries realizing its benefits every day. However, many companies might not be implementing their content marketing strategies the correct way. Avoiding content marketing mistakes is vital to your overall business strategy. Here are the 4 most common errors and how we work to avoid them.

1. Not Setting Clear Goals

Avoiding Content Marketing Mistakes

Your content can’t achieve what you want it to when you don’t know exactly what that is. We take the time to help you specify your content marketing goals, which may include:

  • Generating new leads
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Generating referrals
  • Bringing in new business
  • Building brand awareness

2. Losing Momentum

Oftentimes businesses that attempt to jump right into content marketing without a strategy in place will find that over time, they lose their motivation. For example, you may start a blog but due to other business priorities it grows stagnant.

3. Talking but Not Listening

The key to successful content marketing is engaging with your clients. Your blog, Facebook page, Twitter profile, etc. should not just be one sales pitch after another. Here are a few ways you can personally engage your followers:

  • Ask questions and respond to answers
  • Respond to readers’ questions and comments
  • Respond to relevant content on other blogs and from connections on social networks
  • Retweet interesting and relevant posts from others on Twitter
  • Post more than your own content on social networks- link to others to.

4. Being Inconsistent

It’s important to be diverse and cover a broad range of topics relevant to your brand; however it’s extremely important to communicate a clear, cohesive message to your fans, followers, and clients. We will help you nail down a clear, specific outline of your voice, tone, mission, and goals.

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