We Change the Way You Connect

Neilson Marketing has achieved new ways of providing solutions to support our clients’ sales and marketing efforts. As technological changes have left many agents, MGAs, carriers, and vendors lost on what to do,  and we have not wasted anytime in figuring out how to best get them involved in the digital space.

Although this soft market has been persistent, also understand how the insurance industry is dynamic in terms of market shifts. So, how do you leverage technology to generate leads in a soft market with declining profits?  How do you build a customer count as you prepare for the next hard market?

To go without digital marketing tools puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to gaining new leads in a soft market. To respond to this, we have created a digital marketing system that will provide horsepower to your marketing initiatives at a low cost.

Agency Tsunami 2.0, our digital marketing software, offers:

  • Leads Management
    • Activity & Follow Up Reminders
    • 12 Month Graphical Retrospective of Web Submissions
    • Most Recent Web Lead Submission Details
    • 90 Day Organic Visitor Data
    • Weekly Keyword Ranking Tracking
    • Recent Phone Calls Archive with Listen & Replay Options
    • 12 Month Graphical Retrospective of Web Calls
  • Drip Marketing
    • Drip Email System that is easy to use and catered to your marketing needs.
    • Broadcast Email Capabilities – broadcasts to thousands of recipients
  • Self-Marketing Tools
    • Grow : Social Marketing Tool.
      • Grow manages your visibility, outreach, and reputation across various social media platforms, and it allows you to distribute your content all with a click button.

Agency Tsunami by Neilson Marketing Services offers an integrated digital marketing system that will help take your marketing efforts to the next level. What are you waiting for? Connect with us today at www.neilsonmarketing.com or call us at (800)736-9741.