Check out our NEW web site

About six weeks ago I told you we were changing our name and launching a new web site. Well it happened just a couple of days ago. Please visit Neilson Marketing Services Our new site is intuitive, easy to navigate and much faster than our last site. We have also optimized the site for key terms related to the products and services we sell. In the week since we launched our inquiries have increased from two per week, to two per day. It’s amazing what happens when people can actually find you. Like many business owners I was under the impression that we knew our market and that the people with whom we wanted to do business knew us. Nothing was further from the truth. Well, I got my wake up call from a good friend who told me what was wrong with my web sites.

Marketing has to be an ongoing process and like many businesses we were complacent in terms of branding and lead generation. Oh, we were pretty good at telling you what to do but like the proverbial shoemaker’s kids…

Building the new web site was expensive and optimizing the site was AS expensive and is an ongoing expense but was it ever worth the effort. As a matter of fact today I would characterize it as an investment rather than an expense. Unlike other capitol investments this one was, and continues to be, interesting and fun. Our web strategy is now a big part of our marketing plan. If you’re not already doing this NOW is the time. Evaluate your web site. Is it generating leads? How many? How many are converting? Tell us what you’re doing! We would love to hear from you.