Contiguous Marketing

I was speaking to an insurance wholesaler in Southern California today who said he wanted to create a new website but was not interested in SEO, or social media marketing. This would not be remotely interesting except that I have at least one or two of these conversations daily.

Websites without SEO is a waste of money. Optimized websites without Social Media Marketing are incomplete and will decrease the rank of your website. In a recent survey, of small to medium businesses, jointly sponsored American Express and Search Engine Marketing Professionals (SEMPO) Social Media led the pack with 44% vs. SEO with 28%, vs. Adwords with 21%.

Why is this relevant? Whether you are distributing through retail agents, you are a retail agent, you work on referral only, or sell only commercial insurance, it is time to structure a meaningful contiguous Internet Marketing strategy that incorporates an optimized website, blog, and Social Media marketing strategy that flows from one virtual spot to another. Consider your budget carefully because 29% of your competitors plan to add Social Media Marketing as part of their marketing plan next year. What are your plans for Social Media marketing next year.