Google Hotpot

Google Hotpot for Insurance is a new, fully integrated recommendation engine. Integrated? Well, because it’s Google, it can:

  1. Remember your searches: if you searched in Google or Google Maps for a location, Hotpot will remember and bring it up when you go there.
  2. Rate on the Go: if you’ve downloaded the Google Maps app for Android, then you have the Google Hotpot already installed. The app will incorporate your search results and allow you to rate on the go.
  3. Integrate with Google Places: Google Places already pulls from other recommendation engines like Yelp, Yahoo local and others – so this is another way to get direct user feedback. When you submit a review, Google Hotpot will then send you other recommendations for similar places.

Since Google has now included it’s ‘Places’ results in the organic search, having another tool like Hotpot adds value not only to the listing, but also to Google. As it tracks the results, it can offer better recommendations to the searcher based on reviews of its listings.

How can Hotpot help Insurance?

If you’re a local insurance agent, it’s important to take advantage of the opportunities that Google is giving you. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Google Places: Add your business to the map with Google Places.
    1. Keywords: Add keywords to your listing, but not in the title, and not too much.  Adding your keywords to the categories and description will be a good start.
    2. Photo: It’s important to put your best face forward, and a business with a face is much more interesting than one with a building. Make sure it’s a professional headshot, but don’t stop there – you can add your office as well. 
    3. Video: As an owner of YouTube, Google loves video – so add it to your listing. An insurance agent can add a ‘talking head’ video that describes your business and who you like to work with. If you’re a little camera shy, start with a video slide show from – a 30 second video is free. 
  2. Google Hotpot: Once you add your Google Places, and it’s approved, you’ll be automatically added to Google Hotpot.
    1. Vote: Send your clients to your Hotpot account to vote for you! Offer a drawing to entice them to offer their vote for your business. Add your own vote, too! These votes will be added to the Google Places and thus the Google organic search results.

Optimizing your Google Places account is just one way we help our clients get ahead of the SEO game. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us to discuss your insurance online marketing!