How Important is a Website

Historically websites were designed as electronic brochures to provide basic information on who we are, what we do and where we are located. If someone stumbled upon our site and called it was a bonus as it wasn’t really expected. Internet Marketing is relatively new lets say in the last ten years or so. Before that websites were a static collection of pages such as contact us, about us and FAQ all of which have survived and are important pages in website design today. Early websites were not very interactive and were built with an if-you-build-it…they-will-come attitude which was probably ok when there weren’t very many websites and virtually no competition for search results. Promotion of early websites was mostly off-line in print ads, brochures, and even radio and TV in some cases.

Today websites are much more dynamic and serve as the home base of your overall internet marketing strategy. A well designed website (check yours at ) is multifunctional, serves as a sales tool with two-way communication capability. Your website has to meet certain standards just to match the expectations of your potential clients, or the people who are searching for your services on the Internet. And if you’re thinking that commercial insurance clients aren’t using Google to find you, you should probably ask some of them. We think 85% of them are starting their research on Google. We also think prospects who are referred to you are checking you out by looking at your website.

So, what are the expectations? If you want to generate leads and increase sales with your website then it needs to inform people and solve whatever problems they are trying to solve at that moment. People are looking for fast solutions to their problems. When someone gets to your website you have 4.5 seconds to tell them Do you have it? Where is it? How do I buy? It’s tough enough to get people to visit your site. Make sure you have invested in a site that will capture the lead.

Google is successful because they consistently deliver relevant results. If you search for information on the Battle of Gettysburg you will get the information you are looking for every time.  If your website operates like that you will be successful too. Today customers expect you to have a dynamic website. They want to feel comfortable that you are current and relevant and know that you understand the power of the web. Get started today…write down your goals. generate leads, make more sales, handle customer service functions. Remember it’s not about fancy designs it’s about functionality. Be clear and concise using bullet points to outline the highlights. People don’t spend a lot of time reading. Go to Hubspot’s websitegrader and see how you can improve your website. We have employed many of these  functions and applied them to our insurance marketing business with great success. Let me know what you think.