Insurance Category Tops List As Google’s Most Expensive Keywords

Any search term with the word insurance in it is potentially tough in terms of SEO. Just Google “Insurance Quotes” and watch who comes up on the results page. Insurance internet marketing is competitive even on a local level. There are big companies driving up the cost of ad words in every major market in the country. Many agencies have built new sites and think they are fully optimized, and many times they are…in terms of on-page optimization. However, to compete on a long-term basis for the top half of the search engine result page, on-going link building is critical.

There a many ways to build links. I like content marketing. Search engines like content. It’s their lifeblood. The more relevant content you create, the better they like you. What you get in return is links. Write an article related to search term for which you are optimizing your site, build anchor text into the article, and submit it to as many legitimate article aggregators as you can.

You can do the same thing with your blog. Write a blog about your favorite insurance topic and work one or two key words into the article, insert the hyper link and you have anchor text that links back to the relevant page on your site. Are you doing something unique to optimize your site? Share it with us.