Is email marketing evolving

As many of you know we provide email marketing services to many carriers, MGAs, wholesalers and vendors. We generate about 400,000, to 500,000 emails per day, or around 9 million per month. I’m telling you this because I know a lot of you do your own email marketing and are probably experiencing some of the same issues we have noticed over the last year or so. The first issue is the diminishing value of the click-through report. Click-though reports used to indicate anyone who actually double clicked on your email ad. That was before email security systems started double clicking emails to check them before they were actually delivered to an inbox. Now the word is Microsoft’s new version of Exchange Server will have this very same functionality which will really impact the value of the click-through. I guess that’s why David Daniels, a former Jupiter Media analyst, says the term ESP (email service provider) is almost outdated as email firms evolve into “connect marketing service providers”. Email firms are acquiring the companies required to round out their total marketing needs as evidenced by Constant Contact’s recent purchase of NutshellMail a social media measurement company. We have been pretty busy combining services as well. Our name change to Neilson Marketing Services is only a couple more weeks away and we will debut our latest Internet marketing service for retail agents. And in about a week our new will go live with our new enhanced marketing approach for MGAs and wholesalers.