More than Home, Sweet, Home

Google Relevant Search

In optimization, the Home Page was the ‘sweet’ landing page for a long time – but that’s changed in recent years. Now with Google’s recent update it’s even more important to optimize every page of your website as a possible landing page.

As users of Google, it’s great to see them offering more than one link from the same website in the relevant search results. As a business owner with an optimized website, it’s even better! It gives you even more opportunities to ‘own the page’. To take advantage, insurance websites need to optimize every page so that it’s indexed and offered as a search result through Google. Next, review your website as a possible landing page. Good questions to ask when reviewing your landing pages:

1.    Does the webpage have a call to action?
  a.    On Insurance Websites, there should be either an instant quote or contact form on every possible landing page.
2.    Upper Right: are you utilizing the upper right hand corner of your website? It’s the most visible, so be sure to use it!
  a.    Great ideas for the upper-right: your 800 number, ‘click for a quote’, ‘click to save money!’

Don’t get me wrong, Home is still a ‘sweet’ page, and will still be your main landing page so don’t ignore it! But, do pay attention to all the pages that are possible landing pages. If you’re limited on time and/or resources, you can review your Google Analytics’s ‘Top Landing Pages’ (under ‘Content’) to see what pages your visitors are ‘landing’ on first.

Feel like your pages need more than just a few tweaks, or do you see while reviewing your Google Analytics that the only page they visit is the Home Page? Contact us to start your online insurance marketing plan!