One lead source probably won’t do

As many of you know we are in the lead business. And as the old saying goes…”The shoemakers kids are often barefoot”.  We struggle with lead generation just like our clients do and what we have found is there is no one way to generate leads. you have to it all. Here are some things that seem to be working for us.

Google Ad words: is pretty good once you figure out the balance between high-activity words and phrases and honing in on low activity more targeted words and phrases. We have been though the learning curve and now pick up 7-10 good leads per month and our CPC is low because we are targeting very specific words and phrases.

Telemarketing is great because we can select targeted businesses (we only target the insurance business so we already know business type) by size and geography so they are semi-qualified before we make the first call. When marketing to select businesses where there are not significant numbers, telemarketing could be the ideal way to reach decision makers. Armed with a good script, a talented telemarketer can uncover valuable leads.

Email marketing is another method we use. We target our opt-in insurance agency list with html ads announcing compelling reasons to market now, or offering special prices if they do it by a certain date. These are real offers and we are careful to stick by the dates. This is a economical way to reach a large list. Remember to to test a couple of different emails to see what works.

We will have our new Web site up soon and as soon as we do I’ll share with you how our SEO and SEM methodology work.