Reports Show Facebook Slowing – What Does That Mean For Agencies?

Facebook In July of this year we saw Facebook climb to over 500 million mark, and is estimated to reach 700 million in a few weeks. However, a new study by Inside Facebook reveals that Facebook’s rapid growth may finally be slowing. Last year at this time, Facebook was seeing an average of 20 million users a month, and yet in April and May of this year they’ve only seen a growth of under 15 million. 

During our last webinar, in which we discussed the importance of insurance agencies marketing on Facebook and other social media sites, Facebook played a key role. So, will the possible slow in growth change that strategy? The short answer is ‘no’ – with over half a billion people on Facebook, and even 90% of our webinar participants stating they had a Facebook profile, the likelyhood that your target marketing is on Facebook is high. 

The fact is, there are only so many people that have regular internet access in the world, and Facebook is certainly reaching that world with growth in countries like Brazil, Mexico, India and others. 

But, don’t let the possible decline in growth fool you – Facebook is still a viable marketing avenue.

Click here to watch the video of the webinar on Social Media Success Stories