Something is Changing

About a year ago I noticed a palpable shift in marketing spending from traditional or analog efforts like telemarketing to the Internet.  A study from the Interactive Advertising Bureau audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers  confirmed this. The study says that Internet ad revenue went from $8.2 billion in 2000 to $22.7 billion in last year. The study went on to say that search spending (adwords, Reach Local, etc.) totaled $109 million in 2000 and is now $12.3 billion which is 49% of all Internet marketing. Talk about a paradigm shift. What this means to you is that now is the time to stake your organic search claim.  There are literally hundreds of firms promising to get your website ranked number one in days, or weeks. One of the key ways in which search engines rank sites is by links. Because these SEO firms have made aggressive promises, they are under pressure to deliver and they often connect you to what are known as link farms. This works great until the search engine discovers the links have no relevance and shuts the link farm down, or you end the relationship with the vendor and they disconnect the link farm from your site. Either way, you lose your ranking the minute you lose the links. Google cares about user experience so they constantly work on their search algorithms to thwart link spammers and people who try rank their sites using tricks, or shortcuts. There was recent article in WebPro News that said Google makes an average of 360 changes to their search algorithm per year. That’s almost one per day.

We are changing our business model to accommodate this monumental shift in the way products and services are marketed. We are releasing two brand new fully optimized websites that will employ the same marketing strategy I am asking you to consider.  My partner is a former Google employee. He went to work for Google after they bought his company dMark for $1.3 billion in 2006   Chad and I have known each other for awhile and he was looking for a way to build another business to fulfill his philanthropic goals. We talked about the insurance business and determined this would work perfectly and formed a partnership. That’s the background.

The result of the past eight months is a  new comprehensive Internet marketing system that could alter the competitive advantage of agencies who take advantage of this offer.  This system is more than SEO, although SEO is a big part of the equation. We will increase your ranking on the major search engines, capture leads, and convert them into sales. SEO is an overused acronym. Remember the search engines only care about the user experience. Please keep watching as we will be releasing more information soon.