Technology: Customer Service & Attention Getter

Want to get some attention for your business and offer superior customer service? Simple: work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – virtually.

The Manchester and London Luton airport is doing just that with two new holograms that explain what can and can not be taken through security (**Video Below**). Nicknamed “John” and “Julie”, these ’employees’ are always smiling and answering the airport’s most frequently asked questions – and because they’re holograms, they get more attention than a real person would. In true ‘transparent’ business fashion, the airports didn’t use professional actors, but actual employees of the airport.

What could this possibily do for your insurance business? Obviously, a hologram may not be the answer – but what about a blog or a set of videos that helps answer all the freqently asked questions that your customers have on a daily basis? You may think that answering those ‘in-person’ would be better than sending them a video, but that’s where you may be wrong. Videos can be played over and over, and you can be happy, smiling and paitent during the many times you’re answering the same questions – even for the same client. If a customer forgets something, they have an easy reference to fall back on helping them feel taken care of.

Worried you wont get enough ‘face time’ with your clients? Not true with a video. For the same reason that many people feel a ‘connection’ to the actors on sitcoms, when someone sees you ‘talking with them’ through video they feel the same kind of connection.

What would your insurance videos be about? Make a list of your top 10 frequently asked questions – from the claims process, payment options, the difference between all the options available, and one every agent should have – why going ‘cheap’ isn’t the best way to save money.

We’re starting our own series of videos – how-to videos on Social Media, Blogging and Internet Marketing.