What about Santa 2.0

I haven’t done much blogging this month but with January 1 renewals you probably haven’t done much reading. So, in the spirit of the Christmas Season I am going to keep this light.

I recently read an op-ed piece by Brian Campbell in the Wall Street Journal entitled Time for Santa 2.0. Brian states that kids are far too sophisticated for the Santa that you and I, and the generations before us, grew up with. He says Santa, a cheerful old man in a red suit surrounded by elves is not cool. He goes on to say that Santa is obese, not proficient with technology, his elven labor practices are questionable, and his animal rights record is spotty.

I say we pay way too much attention to the secular side of Christmas but as long as we’re on the subject what about traditions. Why would you change something that is so engrained in our culture? When you change traditions you’re saying that what we did in the past doesn’t work anymore. I mean think about it for a minute, if Santa showed up next year as a 180 pound trim tri-athlete, would you let your kid sit on his lap? I don’t think so after all he would be a stranger. What would we leave for him on Christmas eve, Tofu cookies?  He would get them ALL as I don’t think any would be eaten by the elves at my house. As far as animal cruelty is concerned there is absolutely nothing written in our laws about reindeer and who knows maybe they need to be run around the world pulling an overweight jolly guy once a year just to survive. As far as the elves are concerned, they look like they are enjoying themselves and if they weren’t they surely could stop and organize. I say leave Santa alone. I like him just the way he is. Merry Christmas.