Drip Marketing

Driving traffic to your website is the first step in a multi-step process. Once you drive the traffic and capture a lead, nurturing leads from inquiry to client is the key to ROI. Leads cost money and picking the low hanging fruit is simply not a good long term strategy. It happens to all of us. We buy leads, work the hot hot ones to a quick close and leave the rest to rot like old fruit. The irony is we go back and buy the same leads again at a later date and repeat the same process.

It can require as many as 10-12 contacts before someone associates your name with what you do, yet very few salespeople make more than three calls to follow up.


Whether you hired an insurance telemarketing firm, or you generated the lead by optimizing your site for a particular keyword, a good drip marketing system will provide the means to maximize the ROI on your lead investment.

Once a lead has been generated a quick response is paramount to a high close rate. Studies show that quick response equals higher closing ratios. Technology provides a cost effective means to add drip marketing to any campaign. We offer it as an add on to all of our services because it’s so effective.

The process should include;

  • Education; Think news articles and white papers. Start to establish yourself as the expert.
  • Solution; Think problem solving statistics. Confirm that you are truly and expert.
  • Choice; Think unique value proposition. What separates you from the competition? Testimonials.

Email drip is a good way to implement the “know, like, trust strategy, but personal contact is a must in order to close a sale. Many agencies try to accomplish the complete drip marketing process by relying on automation alone. Using telephone follow up to qualify leads, once they have received a series of drip emails, will increase connect and conversion rates five times better than what you experience with cold calls alone.

Setting up a good drip system is the most cost effective way to maximize your lead investment. There are a finite number of viable prospects in your marketing area. Market to them carefully and try not to pay for the same lead twice. We provide a turn-key insurance internet marketing program that includes drip marketing.