Cash Mobs

You’ve heard of Flash Mobs if not click on the anchor text to see AT&T commercial in order to jog your memory. Well Cash Mobs are similar but they have a specific purpose….to improve cash flow at specific small businesses.

The trend apparently started in Buffalo NY when a blogger,  Christopher Smith, wanted to use his blog to promote small businesses. His objective was to gather 100 people to spend a nominal amount of money at a particular local business.  The idea is to support local businesses that employ people and help build local wealth.

Cash Mobs have spread quickly with stories in Oakland Ca and Cleveland Oh, Anyone can start a Cash Mob according to blogger Andrew Santoy


This application of technology proves that supporting business and helping the community are not mutually exclusive events. I’ll bet there are many local independent agencies that support their respective communities who could benefit from a Cash Mob. The question is; Would 100 people gather in “Anywhere USA” to buy auto or home insurance?  I’m not sure, but it certainly would raise some eyebrows in the community. Better yet, what if you promoted a Cash Mob on behalf of one of your small business clients? What a creative us of Technology for Internet marketing  What are your thoughts?