Exact Match Domains

Whenever I have chosen a domain name for one of my websites I have always pursued it from a branding perspective. I had no idea of the SEO potency of your domain name until recently. I would have been better off naming programbusines.com findnainsurancemarket.com, or Neilson Marketing Services insurancetelemarketing.com. The same is true for your agency. If you already have domain names that are branded and aged then consider building a micro site for one of your niche markets with an exact match domain. Lets say you specialize in lessors risk in Atlanta. Try lessorsriskGA.com, .net or .org. If none of them are available then tack another word on the end as opposed to adding a word in front. Lessorsriskhere.com is better than mylessorsrisk.com. Plurals of suffix endings are also a good way to differentiate