There’s more to SEO than your Website

I see more and more agencies building new websites lately. Some of them are right on the money in terms of on-page optimization but when I drill down and look at blogs and social networking sites there isn’t always a lot of activity. Intrinsically optimizing your website is a great first step. It will allow you to start building rank and reputation and hopefully you will reach the top of the search engine result page (SERP) for the key words you have chosen. That’s assuming you’ve done the research to make sure people are using those keywords to search for an insurance solution in your community.

The next step is external optimization which can be done by earning links and sped up by creating content like blogs and articles and submitting them to article aggregators. the articles should be about insurance products, you sell and for which you have optimized your site, with keywords as anchor text (links) back to the relevant page on your site. So, if you are writing an article about insuring contents, then the keyword in the article would link back to the page on your website that deals with content insurance.

Your blog should automatically update your Twitter and LinkedIn pages to attract more readers who will ultimately end up on your webpage. People who find your webpage through your blog or social media sites are far more likely to click deeper into your site and spend more time trying to understand what you do, than someone who navigates to your site through a search engine. Let me know if media marketing isn’t working for you, or if you are successfully implementing blogging and social media into your insurance marketing plan.