How can a WordPress Site BOOST Brand Awareness

Insurance brandingBuilding your brand awareness is by far one of the most crucial goals as an agency owner. Without a strong brand presence, your insurance products and services, no matter how reliable, won’t gain the best exposure (the good kind of exposure) necessary to expand your client base.

Fortunately, WordPress gives you an added boost in several different ways that will increase your agency brand awareness and help consumers feel comfortable with your company. With 22% of all website designs now utilizing the strengths of WordPress, we at AgencyTsunami think it’s the route to take along with using a combination of several technologies that work together to enhance the critical digital needs of insurance agents, brokers, MGAs, wholesalers, vendors and companies.

WordPress Blogs

Blogs in particular for the insurance space are extremely powerful when it comes to conveying your expertise and knowledge. Because WordPress started as a blogging site, it has some of the best tools available to create and distribute effective content.

Blogs are already built into the WordPress platform, making it easy to post, edit, and publish content. In addition, RSS feeds, subscriber options, and commenting options can be added to your WordPress blog with just a few simple steps.

As an insurance agency owner, your primary job is servicing existing clients and selling new business, so often the main question is who will be responsible for writing these blogs and how can I be sure they’re reputable, accurate and relevant so my brand doesn’t get hurt? When you outsource this you want a company who offers insurance-specific professional writing and content services to take the worry away. More importantly, you want a service provider who will host your blog on your site (url) and does not have it as a sub-domain of their own, which is important for your SEO.

Social Integration

Although WordPress is a search engine-friendly website that’s strong enough on its own to get your business listed in the major search engines, the added benefit of social media integration will increase your exposure even further.

With added plug-ins, your WordPress site will have the tools needed to share every post and page with your social media accounts, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Google+ and Facebook.

You Are in Control

WordPress, a self-hosted website, allows you to have complete control of your site, including choosing from a selection of themes or templates, colors, fonts, content, widgets, plug-ins, and much more. All can be customized to reflect your brand.

You have the ability to promote your brand and raise its awareness in any way that you see fit. Best of all, your content will always be yours, as you are the owner of your website. Social media sites and other well-known websites are strong platforms for businesses, but unfortunately, your content is under the discretion of the owners of those websites. With WordPress, you never have to worry about losing your content or having limited control unless you have your blog on a sub-domain.

SEO and WordPress

WordPress has a solid reputation with the major search engines, as previously mentioned. Many businesses consistently update their websites with quality information; as a result, the search engines pick up this information and boost these sites higher in search engine results.

With the right keyword combination and SEO optimization, your site will not only make its way to the top of the search engine results page, but it will also dominate search in multiple top spots.