How is Insurance Marketing Evolving?

A growing challenge for insurance agencies today is how to improve the customer’s experience, starting with the first time they begin pricing policies at your agency and continuing each time you send a statement. To understand and combat the challenges that insurers face, one must look at how insurance marketing is evolving, and how to keep up with the changes.

How is Insurance Marketing Evolving

One aspect to keep in mind when it comes to insurance marketing, particularly for personal lines, is how the demographics of people who need certain types of insurance have changed in recent years. For example, the number of single parent households has steadily increased since the 1970’s, with more women making insurance decisions than ever before. Also, people are waiting longer to get married, which affects their need for life insurance policies.

Another factor changing the way insurers market their services is healthcare laws. As these laws go through drastic changes due to the Affordable Care Act, business owners and individuals alike are facing confusion and uncertainty. Naturally, this affects the insurance business as you try to explain what actions new clients need to take to get and keep their coverage. It’s important to get the right message across to your business clients, so they understand how the new healthcare provisions affect their group health plans.

Finding new ways to get your message to clients is arguably the biggest insurance marketing opportunity your agency faces today. Telemarketing and Email Drip Marketing can be used to bring in new customers and increase your profitability, but in addition to this, Digital Insurance Marketing is vital. Social media is key in influencing behavior, organizing events and responding instantly to customer comments or concerns. By having detailed and relevant content on your social media platforms and your website, and increasing your sites’ visibility with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you’re giving clients and prospects the chance to find the information they’re looking for instantaneously. Blogs are another messaging option. Think about the questions you’ve been asked by prospects about insurance and how it works; your blogging platform can address these inquiries.

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