Best Examples of Insurance Marketing Websites

An essential part of your insurance agency’s marketing efforts hinges on your ability to launch and maintain an attractive and informative website. Today’s technology allows for innovative website designs; however there are still too many sites that go unnoticed. This may be because the graphics are boring, or because the content is outdated. It could even be because it is not optimized to easily find the site on search engines. In order to know if your insurance marketing website needs a remodel, it’s important to see what a successful insurance marketing website looks like. In no particular order, here are 3 of the best insurance agency websites out there.

Byrnes Agency Inc.


In 2011, Byrnes Agency realized the importance of social media marketing and a strong webpage presence, and responded by updating the entire website and social media content. Byrnes believes the most important element of the page is search engine optimization (SEO). “If people can’t find you, your page is almost useless,”  President Jay Byrnes says.  Byrnes Agency’s traffic count and online quoting activity has been consistently improving since the site’s launch.


DigniCARE Insurance


DigniCARE Insurance serves the senior living community, specializing in nursing home insurance solutions as well as insurance and risk management for assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, and continued care retirement centers. In 2013 DigniCARE launched an integrated marketing and communication strategy, including responsive website design, a blog, and active participation on major social media platforms. The DigniCARE website offers a user-friendly experience on any type of web browser or mobile device.


Newman Crane & Associate Insurance

Newman Crane

Newman Crane’s website is another example of a successful responsive design. Responsive web design is recommended by Google. It allows one website to provide a great user experience across many devices and screen sizes, and it also makes managing an SEO strategy easier. In addition to Newman Crane’s responsive design, the site itself is aesthetically pleasing, with easy to find links to their social media sites as well as to their four main buckets; Orlando Commercial Insurance, Home Insurance, Auto Insurance, and Life Insurance.


Overall, a successful insurance marketing website works by reaching a larger audience than a traditional marketing campaign would. Internet marketing also allows your agency to personalize offers to customers, and build relationships in order to increase customer retention. Finally, insurance marketing websites enable you to take advantage of the growing importance of social media, which is only becoming a larger influence on customers.

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