How Social Media Marketing Can Work For Your Agency

In a study done last year, it was found that one in three people admitted that they prefer social media for customer service rather than the telephone. This figure has risen, and is expected to continue to rise as more and more companies realize the loyalty-building power of social communication. So what does this mean for your insurance agency? Here are some ways that social media marketing can work for your agency, based on statistics compiled by GlobalWebIndex.

How Social Media Marketing Can Work For Your Agency

Google+ is catching up to Facebook. Facebook still dominates account ownership; however Google+ is not far behind. No other social network has Google’s web assets leverage.

Facebook has nearly 50% of all the world’s internet users as active users. This number is only expected to increase as new regions and countries are getting connected to the web.

LinkedIn is the most popular social site for older users. It is arguably the most conservative of the social networks due to the fact that it is all about business. This could be ideal for many insurance agents whose main clients may be business managers or high-value private clients.

Usage of social networks by older users is increasing. The increase in usage by the 55 to 64 year olds is greater than 100% for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+

Overall, the study found that active usage of the major, global social platforms is growing worldwide with mobile being the key driver. Emerging platforms have experienced notable growth in popularity in the last two years, with more individuals utilizing it for both business and personal purposes.

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