How often should you update your blog

Lately, I’ve been speaking to a lot of insurance professionals about blogs, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and social networking and a question came up about blogging. Which is more important frequency, or content quality?  I have been taught that frequency of posting is critical to SEO because the more you post and submit the more links will created and that helps tremendously with optimization. I did a little more research and according to Matt Cutts of Google, quality is more important than frequency. Frequency is important because people who go to your blog expect to see fresh content. The more often you post with fresh content the better it is for users and the more visitors you will attract. Plus there is the added SEO benefit, but the quality of the content is even more important because original content is more interesting and is more likely to get traction than repeated information about the economy, or the latest insurance merger. I think it’s probably a good idea to do both. It’s not that tough to carve out the time to write two or three blogs per week. I speak to a lot of you everyday (about 20-30 agents per day) and most of you could write a 250 word blog with your eyes closed. People can get to know you and trust you through your blog and could be the beginning of building a relationship with your future largest client. The downside is two or three blogs per week is probably not enough from an SEO standpoint, Part of our new Internet Marketing Service includes writing one 300-word blog post 20 times per month and that’s just for the blogs. When you add up all the content we create on your behalf it totals 28,000 words per month. Keep watching because our new web site for Neilson Marketing Services launches August 1.