Paid Search or Organic Search?

In a recent interview Andrew Goodman of Page Zero Media said organic search and all of the optimization efforts directed toward organic search could soon become obsolete. He sited a Microsoft study of thousands of websites, equally optimized for organic and paid search, that  showed 60 percent of revenue across thousands of sites was driven by paid clicks versus 40 percent for organic. He also said as more companies optimize and submit content it will become more difficult to define the “10 blue links” as either paid or organic. I say this is very interesting but Andrew and Page Zero are purveyors of paid search so his leanings toward paid search make perfect sense. The real answer is you should be coordinating an effort that includes both.  However, there is a deeper message here for the insurance business which is; the world of search is moving at warp speed and if you’re not optimizing your agency’s website and formulating a complete insurance internet marketing strategy now, you’re wasting valuable time and falling further behind. The race is on and believe me, this is one race you want to part of. Watch for Neilson Marketing Services next Monday! When you get there click on “Internet Marketing”.

We used to be able to tell a lot about an agency by looking at employee to revenue ratios, or which agency management system they had. Much like you probably learned a lot about your prospects by the way their office was decorated and or maintained. Today I heard a new term “technographics” which measures technological sophistication by criteria like the browser you use, or even your email address. Did you know younger people tend to use Gmail, while those of us who have been around longer use hotmail, or yahoo. Did you know tech savvy people use Google and Firefox while more consumer oriented people use Bing and Internet Explorer. This is GREAT insight for creating and managing an insurance Internet Marketing Strategy!