Insurance Marketing: Optimizing Your CTA

Optimizing Call To Action

Think of all the times you signed up for something online. Maybe it was an email newsletter or online class. Maybe you wanted to purchase a product or schedule a demo. All of those behaviors were guided by one thing- a call-to-action.

A call-to-action (CTA) is defined by Small Business PR as a “reminder for users to perform a certain action that you are optimizing for when a visitor lands on your site.” Quite simply, it directs users where to go and what to do. If you don’t have a CTA on your site, your business is missing out on crucial opportunities.

CTAs focus on conversion. What that entails depends on your goals. They could sign up for an email newsletter or webinar, enter a sweepstakes or try out a free trial. It could be a white paper, survey or downloading an app. Or it could be a direct request for a product demo or quote. The bottom line is engagement- you want the individual to interact with you in some way.

Now lets talk execution. Businesses have a limited window to capture a lead. Make your CTA prominent- time spent searching for information is wasted time. . In other words, it should 1) be staring them in the face and 2) only take a few seconds to fill out. Those seconds could be the difference between a prospect filling out your form or moving on the the next Google result on the page.

Finally, don’t bog down your CTA with an endless list of fields to fill out. Keep it simple and only capture necessary information. Once you have their info, you can create lead nurture campaigns to follow up and convert that lead to a sale.

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