Is BIGGER better for insurance email marketing?

TargetA recent research study done by Marketing Sherpa claimed that 44% of B2B email lists have fewer than 5,000 addresses.  The primary point made in the study is not to be overly concerned with the quantity of email addresses in your lists or that of your vendor as it can actually detract from the profitability of your campaign. To do an effective insurance marketing to insurance agents campaign it is more about the quality of the thousands of names and e-mail addresses on your targeted list. Zeroing in on identifying your target will help increase your conversion rate and lessen email complaints, especially if you’re doing repeat mailings or engaging with subscribers. Expanding your message to non-qualified or non-organically added names on your marketing list will potentially commoditize your offering and damage your reputation (brand).

Moreover, if the list used does not contain addresses suitable to the target, the results will be modest or even worse. Agents who specialize in non-standard auto aren’t viable prospects for nonprofit markets nor do you want them inquiring and burning your valuable internal resources, and potentially missing out on a profitable viable prospect. Furthermore, another research firm, Forrester Research, in a study last year reported that in the United States when you use an e-mail list of customers and prospects organically constructed the average cost per sale following an e-mail broadcast is 100 times less than using a purchased list.

There is a business maxim today that states you can offer high quality or low prices, but not both. provides a top page rank industry site with an organically grown customer database not originated from third-party or purchased lists, and specifically targets the Property/ Casualty commercial lines industry ensuring your message is being delivered to the right target thus lowering your cost per sale (CPS). is not owned by or affiliated with any insurance producing entity further securing the integrity of your proprietary insurance email marketing results.