It’s not just page rank

How important is page rank relative to your overall internet marketing strategy? Your page rank is the result of a scoring system, based on links, that Google uses to determine the importance of your site compared to other sites relative to a given search search term, or key word. It’s supposed to be an objective system, but lets face it, Google has grown by expanding into office applications, acquiring companies like YouTube and building new applications like Google Goggles and it seems to me like they would have a hard time ceding their distribution edge to a competitor. So, maybe it’s objective sometimes.

Google has actually trade marked a version of the phrase page rank to PageRank. This could be because Google executive Larry Page created the PageRank or that it was just a nice double entendre. Either way, PageRank is apparently important to Google and Google wants it to be important to you and it should be, but remember PR is only part of the equation. Pay close attention to the relevance of the links connected to your site. The relevance of the anchor text of a link often will have more weight than linking to a high ranking page.

Search engines reward sites for adding value to the internet and one way they determine your value is by the relevance of the links connected to your site. It’s not easy to solicit links from pages with high rankings and that in and of itself won’t always do the trick. Creating content that is relevant to the key word terms for which you are trying to optimize your site will compliment your page ranking efforts nicely. If you don’t have a blog, create one. If you don’t have social network accounts set them up. When you blog make sure you use a widget to update your social network accounts. Write articles about your products and services and submit them to article aggregators like ezine.  We are employing this strategy internally and it has worked so well we are now offering it as an insurance marketing service.