Know and Like come before Trust

My last blog was about building trust. Before someone is willing to entrust you with handling any part of their business process, be it insurance, Internet marketing, accounting, or you name it, they will need to have established some level of trust. Many times this comes from the prospect being referred to you, or from your providing a list of referrals at point of sale. Either way this has traditionally happened one sale at a time and has only been scaled by adding multiple sales people and or offices with more sales people all of whom start and build relationships one client at a time.

The Internet has provided an opportunity to scale relationship building by leveraging technology to apply the same techniques. For example, you are reading this blog and making a judgment on whether, or not you like what I’m saying and if you believe and, or agree, with it much the same way you would if we were having a face-to-face conversation with one another. Reading a blog is different from reading an article because you can immediately respond to this blog which makes it an electronic conversation. The purpose of my blog is to provide valuable marketing information that will help you grow your business. Hopefully readers will LIKE me and come back regularly and get to KNOW me.  I have imbedded anchor text throughout this blog and if you like something I say you may click on the anchor text to get more information or to find out more about me and what I can offer you. If you happen to click on a link to my site you are starting to get to KNO me a little better. If you see my name in other blogs even better. Each and every time I post to this blog it updates my Twitter and LinkedIn pages which means that followers on those sites who are not aware of my blog may find me via one of the social media sites.

KNOW, LIKE, TRUST starts with a coordinated internet marketing strategy to incorporates your blog and social media posts with the keywords or search terms for which you have optimized your site and a commitment to making sure posts happen regularly throughout the week either by someone in-house, or by outsourcing to a competent provider, or by a combination of the two. Either way this is something you should start looking at yesterday. Facebook is now the second most visited site in the world. This isn’t just for kids anymore. This is real and its now.Tell us about your social media strategy.