Openly sharing information is a paradigm shift.  Businesses are now giving away valuable how-to information in return for their email and contact information.  When you think about it it really makes a lot of sense. I mean when a new neighbor moves in we usually go over and offer something to welcome them to neighborhood as a beginning to a neighbor-to-neighbor relationship. Apply the same concept to business and then to the internet. I’m even finding that business people put more value on white papers then they do on say an iPod or an iPad.  The next time you broadcast an email or create a landing page think about a white paper on something that is important to your readers. Your prospects will start to know you and they may like what you have to say which will prompt them to click on a link that will take them to you website where they just might buy something.

Trust is, "the state of readiness for unguarded interaction with someone or something."  From a “Construction of Trust by Dr. Duane C. Tway, Jr

"An organization that has a high cultural level of trust has to behave in a trustworthy manner, but also be really good at trusting others," says Charles H. Green, founder and CEO of Trusted Advisors Associates, LLC in West Orange, NJ

Those quotes are from an article on how to build a culture of trust in your business. Know, like trust is a concept we employ using our insurance internet marketing service. Let me know what you’re doing and how it’s working.