Another Reason to Blog

Today your website and all of the marketing and content strategy involved with your website is an insurance MARKETING function. this is no longer an IT issue. Blogging is, or should be an integral part of your internet marketing strategy and here’s another reason why.  Cache Age is one of the 13 major criteria Google uses to rank your website. It measures is the frequency with which Google crawls your site for indexing purposes. Indexing new content is the main reason for Google to crawl site. and you want them to crawl your site frequently. The best way to add new content is to blog. A newsletter is another way to increase unique and relevant content on your site. If you publish a monthly newsletter and you blog two or three times per week you’ll build back links to your website and increase your Cache Age score. If you already have blog paste a link in comments and we’ll share it next time. If you don’t have one, start blogging today.