Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Online or internet marketing is proving to be the best marketing tool that ever evolved but we’re learning that multiple modalities will increase response rates exponentially. If an agency’s website captures vital information from a prospect during a first visit an opportunity is created.

Google AdWords PPC (pay per click) model is a way in increase the odds of someone finding you on the internet but you need to make sure you really understand the keywords and search terms you’re buying and make sure they match the terms your potential clients are using to find solutions like the ones you are offering. Paying per click can really pay off when it’s managed properly. It can also get very expensive when it’s not.

The major insurance carriers pay big dollars per click for search terms like Auto Insurance, or Commercial Auto Insurance, or basically any term with the word insurance. How do they make it pencil when the average auto policy is $1,000.00? Better yet, how does an agency make it pencil when their average commission is $150.00? The way the major direct writers do it is cross selling each and every lead they generate. Once they sell the auto they move to the home or renter’s policy and then life insurance. Each lead captured on their site is dropped into a drip system that provides educational information, repetition, and a variety of modalities including follow up calls and snail mail.

Statistics show that 48% of salespeople never follow up with a prospect, 25% make a second contact, 12% make three contacts, and only 10% make more than three contacts. What’s more, 2% of sales are made on the second contact, 5% on the third contact, 10% on the fourth contact, and 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth contact.

What about those potential prospects who don’t find or visit your website, or who do visit but don’t provide information? Telemarketing or direct mail might be the best way to reach some commercial clients. And the same principles apply. Once someone spends time with you on the phone or on your website and is willing to share vital information about their business it presents a great opportunity to continue to build on the relationship. Think “know, like trust”. Drop them a follow up email and provide a value added white paper and then invite them to follow you on Facebook or Twitter.

Rather than thinking about marketing in an either or manner, think about integrating your web strategy with some of the legacy marketing modalities like telemarketing and direct mail. They all work.