Unique Value Proposition

The “Unique Value Proposition” or UVP should be part of every website. A UVP is used to engage the visitor to join your conversation. Some great examples were given by Jay Berkowitz, president of Ten Golden Rules an internet marketing company.

Amazon.com: Customers who bought this book also bought…  this free service does the research for you and at the same time sells more books for Amazon

The New York Times: Provides the last seven issues FREE. They also provide the entire history of the Times since 1851 including the articles and pictures. You can read a paragraph or two for free and pay a fee or subscribe if you want to read the entire article.

Only you can decide what your UVP is and how to apply it to your website so it provides added value to your audience and increases your ROI.

Talk to your clients and find out what they want. Know your strengths and what business problems you are the best at solving.

For example we are in the insurance lead generation and insurance marketing business and we focus predominantly on the commercial property and casualty side of the business. Our clients either already specialize, or have a desire to specialize in a niche market but they don’t always have the tools at hand to research the size and scope of the market. We are in a position to offer a UVP by providing a FREE market analysis by sic code and county to agents who are interested.

Set up a meeting internally this week and start talking about your UVP. If you already have on post it here so we can talk about it.