Optimize The Pages!

Over the last year many new insurance agency websites have materialized, which means agents are paying attention to technology changes and this great paradigm shift. That’s a good thing. There also seems to be some confusion out there about language related to SEO specifically and Internet Marketing generally, the impact of which is reflected in many new websites. With that in mind I thought I would talk a bit about on-page optimization.

On-page optimization refers to optimization techniques that are intrinsic to your website. Once you have done thorough keyword research you’re going to want to make sure the keyword is included in the title and header tags. The title tag appears at the top of the browsers and header.


Title tags are up there with links and relevant text in terms of algorithmic importance, so look your website over and make sure this wasn’t inadvertently overlooked. 

Links are critical to SEO. Who links to you is not nearly as important as who you decide to link to. Google knows that you have little control over who links to you but you have complete control over the websites to which you decide to link. The more trusted and reputable the sites are to which you link, the more it will help the reputation and rank of your site.

Internal links, links to the pages on your site are even more important than external links. Google indexes the pages on your website as opposed to the website itself, so the more internal links the better. So remember, quality keywords, title, header, relevant text, and links. Your internal links should outnumber your external links four to five to one. I know my website is a work in progress and is far from perfect. We are learning more about insurance internet marketing everyday. What are your thoughts?