How’s Your Customer Service?

Most companies think they do a pretty good job when it comes to servicing customers, especially when it’s the backbone of their business, as with insurance agencies. People get coverage at good prices and are generally happy. But they’re really happy when you respond to them quickly and get them the info they need or deliver on something they’re requesting. Some in your organization may be really good at this, but is everyone? Have you checked lately?

I was thinking about this because recently I visited the doctor to get some X-rays done. The doctor is about 25 minutes (without traffic) from where I live. After taking the X-rays, I was advised that I had to see a specialist. I got his name and was told that when I made the appointment with the specialist to call back so that they can send over the X-rays to him. The next day I called the doctor’s office and spoke to the receptionist advising her that they should have the X-rays sent over within 3-4 days.

This is how it went:

“We don’t send X-rays. You have to come and get them.”

 “But I was told to call your office when I made the appointment with the specialist and that you would send over the X-rays?”

 “Who told you that?”

 “The doctor’s assistant, Beth.”

 “She shouldn’t have told you that. We have no means of sending the X-rays over. You need to come and get them.”

 “But I work. Why wouldn’t you have just given me the X-rays when I left if you weren’t going to send them?”

 “You need to come and get them, we have no means of sending them. Call us the day before to tell us when you’re coming so we have them at the front desk.”

I got frustrated and said so, but that got me nowhere. Two days later I called back to let them know I was coming the next day to get the X-rays.

 “I’ll be coming tomorrow for the X-rays that I need.”

 “They’re not here.”

 “What do you mean?”

 “They were sent to the medical imaging division.”

 “But I was told that I had to pick up the X-rays to take them to the specialist, that you couldn’t send them directly.”

 “Who told you that?”

 “Liz at the front desk. She said Beth should have never told me that you could send them and to come and get them myself.”

 “Oh, I don’t know why Liz said that. We’ll send them to the specialist, when is your appointment?”

 What’s happening in your office? Is everyone on the same page? Does everyone know what the protocol is when it comes to the work they perform? Or are some of your customers left wondering, what’s going on over there?!