What to do When you Lose Your iPhone

Several months ago a friend of mine told me a story about leaving his phone on a table at a restaurant. When he went back to retrieve it, it was gone, and no one at the restaurant seemed to know what happened to it. He had previously loaded Find iPhone on his phone and was able to pinpoint the exact location of his phone which happened to be where the waiter had stashed it, in the alley behind the restaurant. Because of that story I loaded Find iPhone on al of my Apple devices. And I’m glad I did.

Yesterday I went to lunch with some clients at a local upscale shopping and entertainment center located near my office in Laguna Hills, Ca. I valet parked and in the process of collecting a ticket from the attendant, I inadvertently left my iPhone in the car and went to lunch. About halfway through lunch I noticed that I didn’t have my phone. I wasn’t too concerned and fairly certain that it would be, where I left it, in the console of my car.

After lunch I retrieved my car and drove back to the office. I didn’t think to look for my phone. I realized that the phone was gone when I went to get out of the car and habitually went to get my phone. Now I was concerned. Fortunately my iPad was in my office and I had previously downloaded Apple’s Find iPhone App.


photo (1)

I immediately searched for and located my iPhone in the vicinity of the valet at center  which told me that somehow the phone was removed from car, by someone other than me, after I left the vehicle. The picture below shows where my phone is right now which is my pocket right where it belongs.


photo (2)


Find iPhone lets you send a sound which sounds like an alarm to phone and it lets you send messages. I sent the sound and then sent a message to the screen asking the person who had the phone to kindly turn in to the valet.

photo (4)

The phone was with the valet when I got there. If you have an iPhone make sure it is locked when you are not using it and install the Find iPhone app. 

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