Where Do You Get Your News?

This morning I read an article from e-Marketer on where people go to get their news. Basically, it said that for the first time, young adults are changing the trend in terms of their source for news. Consumers ages 18 to 29 now say that the Internet is their primary source of national and international news, followed by television. For those between 30-49, the Internet follows television with newspapers trailing; for those 50-64, it’s television first, with newspapers and the Internet almost neck-in-neck. Those over 64 still prefer television. But overall the Internet is catching up to take over the number-one spot for an individual’s news source. Why? For one thing you have a lot more choices. And the content is always fresh, current.

What does this mean for you? Delivering information about your agency, your wholesale operation, MGA, brokerage, or insurance company requires a digital strategy. People are looking online for the latest news, the latest developments, tips, advice. Do you have an online strategy in place to deliver valuable, relevant information to your customers and potential customers? Do you have an e-newsletter, a daily news service with RSS feeds, video content? Are you tweeting before, during, and after a snowstorm or flood?

Where do you get your news? And more importantly how are you delivering the news that is relevant to your customers and prospects?