Who needs Blogging when you have Twitter

Social networking is quickly becoming an insurance  marketing staple but did you know that only 23% of all tweets generate a reply and only 6% get a retweet. That’s the number according to Sysomos where a recent study of 1.3 billion tweets was released. The study also showed that 92.4% of all tweets are answered in the first hour.


Retweet Time Span Histogram



What does that have to do with blogging. I have heard some people ask if social media will replace blogging. My answer is I don’t think so. Twitter may not be the ideal platform for creating content but it is an ideal platform for sharing content and lot of what is shared comes from blogs. So if your not blogging you should start and if you are tweeting regularly, then keep tweeting.

Blogging is a great way of marketing your company by adding valuable relevant content to the World Wide Web while building back links to your web site. You can easily add a plug-in like Twitter Notify and automatically update your Twitter account and kill two birds with one stone. I’m not a professional writer but I try to find topics that are relevant to my business and helpful to my readers. I try to blog twice a week, although lately I’ve only been able to manage five-six blogs per month. I’d love to hear what you’re doing with blogging and what it’s done for you or your business.