Making It Real When Blogging

In this week’s issue of’s Insurance Unplugged, we provided some tips on making your business blog relevant, authentic, and a must-read. One of the key ways is to share stories about customer experiences as they relate to your products and services. Let the story unfold as if you were telling it to someone in a relaxed environment. Our industry has so many wonderful stories we can share about how we helped people in times of crisis and loss.

In the article, I shared a brief example that was based on a real story told to me recently. I met my friend Rich for lunch, after not having seen him for several years. We were catching up, and he was telling me about his dad, the stroke he had about two years ago, and all that he and his brother had to go through, not only with his dad but also with his mom, who was not handling the change well since her husband’s stroke. Life was no longer the way it once was…their retirement years were no longer days playing golf, going out to dinner with friends, and visiting her sons. Instead, she was house-bound with a husband that no longer could walk or really communicate. As Rich told me his family’s story and about the nurses and the assisted living home and the subsequent transfer to a home near his brother’s house and the round-the-clock care that was needed, I asked, “Were your parents prepared financially for all of this? Are you and your brother paying for these services?”

Rich looked at me and said, “Thank G-d, for my dad’s insurance agent and financial planner. Many years ago, he convinced my dad to purchase a Long Term Care policy. My dad didn’t want to spend the money, but he acquiesced, and every time those premiums had to be paid, he was like, ‘damn, this monthly payment is a lot.’” Now, Rich says that he and his brother are so grateful, so thankful every day that the agent made this recommendation and made it strongly and that his father made the prudent decision to heed the advice. “Annie, I don’t know what we would have done without this policy…” And then Rich, who is about 50+, told me he recently purchased a LTC policy. “I see how much it can really help, he said.”

There you go. A story so many of us can relate to as our parents age and health becomes an issue. A solution that’s been a gift every day to Rich, his brother, and parents — because without it there would be significant financial hurdles and his dad may not have the care that is required. A testimonial for the agent who advised Rich’s dad and sold the policy. A blog.

Tell your stories.