In the World of Insurance Marketing, Words Matter

The internet is full of content; written, visual, auditory, there is almost nothing a user cannot find by typing just a few letters into a search field. As more information becomes available, businesses have to work that much harder to be found and heard. This is especially true in the insurance industry. While a few decades ago all an insurer had to do was pay for an ad and direct potential customers to an informative website, today’s internet consumers no longer respond to the clutter of advertising and marketing messages they encounter throughout the course of their day. One of the most effective ways to get your corporate message heard across the internet is by integrating that message into various types of social media content, for example your company’s blog posts, tweets, photos and videos.

While visual content remain widely popular on the web, not all topics lend themselves to a funny cat photo or clever infographic. As such, many insurance providers find blogging to be one of the most effective means of connecting with their audience and expanding their brand. Blogging allows insurance providers the unique opportunity to engage with potential and current customers as a resource for information and support by sharing industry expertise, knowhow and research.

By focusing on well-written topics pertaining to your insurance agency, the consumer is more inclined to trust you as an expert in your particular field. Everyone has their own tricks and tips for better digital copywriting, here are a few of ours.

  • Know your goal. Ultimately the goal for any promotional business content is to generate leads and interest in your company and its offerings. That beings said, business content shouldn’t always be about the hard sell. It is often the posts that seem slightly off topic, that generate the most interest, interaction, and leads. Authors have a vast amount of latitude when choosing topics, especially for their operation’s blogs. The key is to find a balance between informative, engaging and suggestive of your services. Ultimately you want readers to respond.
  • Show your stuff. If you have expertise in a specific field or area of interest, it can often be a huge benefit to share your knowledge with your customers through your digital copy. Sharing your knowledge is not only engaging, but it helps build rapport and trust among consumers and fellow industry members.
  • Know your audience. Your copy will vary based on your intended reader. If you specialize in personal lines, your content will be very different from a commercial or wholesale insurance provider. Blog content and tone should be tailored to the needs and interests of those you intend to serve. Offering advice, helpful tips and other practical and sharable information among a niche demographic will help generate engagement and potential leads.

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