The Top 3 Reasons to Utilize Insurance Drip Marketing

One of the greatest advancements in advertising and marketing in recent decades has been the automation of business practices. Among these business practices, one that is not often utilized enough is drip marketing. Many business owners understand the concept of drip marketing, but don’t necessarily know it by name, nor do they know how to implement it. Drip marketing involves sending messages to prospects and customers at regular intervals based on certain behaviors or lead status.

When this type of marketing is used correctly, it exposes your prospects to drips of pertinent information at exactly the right moment in the sales cycle. There are many marketing methods out there, and of course not all methods will work for all insurance agencies. As expressed in a published article on website “Business 2 Community” however, the following are 3 of the top reasons your agency should utilize drip marketing.

Lead Nurturing. Perhaps the most important aspect of drip marketing is the ability for your agency to create leads. By nurturing these leads with regular follow up emails, you are keeping your agency at the top of their minds until they are sales ready. Maintaining a continuous supply of leads through drip at various stages in the sales process will help maximize your agency’s marketing and sales efforts.

Relevancy. Email drip marketing allows your agency to deliver the right information at exactly the right time. Your campaigns can be set up so that once a prospect fills out a quote form, they trigger an automated campaign thanking them for their information request. This campaign includes links and information about any social media pages you have as well as important coverages the prospect should be aware of. Drip campaigns can be set up to accomplish different goals; to maintain contact with a lead that might not be interested right away but rather in the future, to welcome a new client to your agency, or to provide more targeted and segmented information to your leads regarding the specific insurance lines they’re interested in.

Resourcefulness. Drip marketing eliminates the need for you or any employee of your agency to remember where every lead is in the sales cycle but education and nurturing your leads for you. With this form of marketing support, you will spend less time making sales pitches and more time closing deals.

Utilizing insurance drip marketing will help you and your staff to communicate with leads in a way that is easily tracked, which in turn will reduce stress for your sales team. This marketing method also shortens the sales cycle, is non-intrusive, and helps to standardize and streamline the sales process.

At Neilson Marketing Services, our Insurance Drip Marketing system helps you to establish relationships through long-term lead warming, gain back lapsed customers, follow-up and cross-sell, among additional benefits. As a turnkey product of our Agency Tsunami solution, our drip system will give your agency the mechanisms to engaged, share, and communicate with your prospects- paving the way to make the sale. Please contact us today for more information at 1.800.736.9641.